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Millennial on a Mission Feature

In the first October feature for Millennial on a Mission, Angelina discusses why she began C-Suite Coach, which businesswomen she watches closely, and how she looks at her goals:

< To Angelina, being Millennial On A Mission means being proactive. It also means planning ahead and preparing yourself for the next opportunity while still being in the moment and letting your passion lead. “That’s what I think is so different about our generation — the passion piece,” Angelina says.

On a daily basis, she strives to live and achieve my dreams always doing at least one thing that works towards her vision. “I have a plan and a mission for my life and some days, I take small steps towards it and some days I take huge leaps. At the end of the day, keeping that plan and vision in mind is what guides me." And that would be the same advice she would give to her millennial peers. “Have an overarching vision but break it up in chunks and make a movement towards it each day, ” Angelina says. “You can’t be a millionaire before you make six figures. Break your goals down and they become way more manageable.">

Read the full feature and check out this incredible website here.

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