• Angelina Darrisaw

Embracing Diversity Breakfast At The Democratic National Convention

Next week, during the Democratic National Convention, the WIN Foundation will host a breakfast on Embracing Diversity and discuss the role of social entrepreneurship and legal governance. I am excited to join an esteemed panel of community leaders and servants who have all embraced diversity throughout their careers and leadership paths.

This will be an exciting conversation with diverse leaders from the community during the Democratic National Convention. I look forward to discussing C-Suite Coach and how the lack of diversity in corporate leadership affects communities and government. The panel will address change and challenges and is moderated by Dilshad Dayani, an International Speaker, broadcast journalist and best-selling author of the book "Confrontation 9". Founder and President of World Women Global Council, Chair of AAPI and Co-Chair of Women of Color at Executive Women for Hillary, a national coalition.

Other Speakers include: State Rep. Vanessa Brown - Community Activist and Rep. for the 190th Legistative District in Philadelphia; Chetachi Ecton - Community Activist and Founder/CEO of When In Need Foundation and Chibase Production Company; David Kaplan - Immigration Attorney, with more than 20 years experience in the field; Jonathan Grode - Director of Immigration Law practice at the US offices of Green and Spiegel LLC; and Fiona Dawson - Filmmaker, writer, presenter, LGBT Artist Champion of Change and Founder of TransMilitary.


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