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Angelina Helps Attendees Secure Their Brand On April 28

Angelina Darrisaw joins a group of powerhouse women to chat personal branding, monetizing your brand, and leveraging digital tools for growth. The event, which takes place on Angelina's birthday weekend, will include a panel, small group chats with each panelist and professional headshots!

Join the conversation and the celebration here!

Angelina Darrisaw Branding Panel

The panel, moderated by Avielle Amor, a blogger, host, and youtuber will also feature panelists:

Denequa Williams, founder of LIT Bklyn, Soraya Joseph, a journalist and media corespondent, Melanie Marie, a mompreneur & owner of Melanie Marie, Nyja Richardson, a blogger & content creator and Courtney Danielle, a digital content creator.

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