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Angelina Visits Hamilton, NY For Branding & Goal-Setting Workshops

Hamilton Central School District invited Angelina Darrisaw for a two-part workshop series on personal mission / branding and goal-setting. Ninth through Twelfth graders spent the morning in small group discussions, reflection activities, and listening to Angelina's presentation.

The branding discussion included a deep dive on identifying what value the students bring to their environments. That discussion prompted one about self-love. Students debated if promoting self-love meant arrogance and they ultimately settled on the conclusion that to be a valuable community member, they first need to identify their own value and love it!

The afternoon included a smaller group of students in 9th and 10th grade, focusing on resilience and "smart" goal-setting. Students shared feedback that they loved the group activities and felt the content would be useful to them in their futures. Hamilton Central School District featured Angelina's event on their district site.

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