Voyage Atlanta
On 10/23/19, Voyage Atlanta shared a profile on Angelina Darrisaw.
On 8/15/19, Angelina spoke with Forbes about dealing with microagressions at work.
Breakfast Club
On 7/16/19, Angelina Darrisaw Joins Power 105.1 Breakfast Club & Talks Career Coaching, Utilizing Google Ads To Grow Your Business + More
Mashable X Qualcomm
On 5/31/19, Mashable shared a feature on Angelina describing how a diversity coach stays always on, always connected.
On 1/21/19, Angelina chatted with Forbes to discuss how to deal with Blue Mondays.
12/8/18 - Angelina joins Bold TV to discuss equity in the workplace.
On 10/31/18 Angelina Darrisaw Cheeks Discusses How Diverse Employees Can Catapult Their Career Success
Salon Today
5 Free Google Tools to Drive Traffic to Your Site and Your Salon on 10/19/18 with Angelina Darrisaw Cheeks
August 2018, Cheeks chats with Essence on how to bounce back after being fired!
Side Hustle Pro
June 2018, Angelina chats with Nicaila Matthews Okome on her journey to entrepreneurship.
Black Enterprise
On 5/16/18, Cheeks was featured in Black Enterprise: THERE’S COACHING FOR LIFE AND CAREERS….BUT HOW ABOUT FOR ENTREPRENEURS?
The Everygirl
On 4/26/18, Cheeks, A Career Coach, Shares Her Best Advice for Entrepreneurs
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