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Angelina Chats With Power's Naturi Naughton About the Importance of Self-Love

With Valentine's Day on the way, Angelina sat down with Power actress, Naturi Naughton to talk about love. While, Naturi enjoys romance, she advocates women and girls first love themselves before pursuing a relationship.

Naturi, who actively plays a part in uplifting and empowering young women, shares this message directly to young girls. Most recently, she did a summit called Uniquely You in DC and she regularly works with Black Girls Rock. “Young girls don’t always have the guidance to let them know they can be beautiful and successful while speaking intelligently, using their brains and carrying themselves like a lady.”

She thinks the most important thing for a young girl to do is to maintain a sense of self. “You are valuable, not just your body, but also through your mind.”

Read the exclusive story in full on Slant News and Huffington Post.

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