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Erica Campbell Shares Beauty Secrets with Angelina Darrisaw

Angelina Darrisaw recently chatted with gospel artist Erica Campbell and her beautiful mother, Thomasina Atkins, about the beauty secrets they passed down through generations. She shared important advice that is as relevant in business as it is for personal lives, like delivering feedback appropriately and maintaining a consistent brand.

She also spills on beauty products, what it is like discussing beauty with her children, and beauty tips she gets from her mom. She shares the truest beauty key lies in faith. "It's how I look at myself before I put anything on my face, because if it's not on the inside, it doesn't matter... What has to be apart of your daily process is your faith in God, your belief in yourself that you can make anything possible, knowing you can overcome any challenge with the help of God."

Join the conversation: Share a picture of the generations of beautiful reflections that inspire you with #MBIB #BeautifulReflections.

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