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Do You Say "Sorry" Too Much In Emails? There's An App For That

The development team that created the C-Suite Coach prototype is serious about creating better business. In a piece for Slant News, I share updates from the development team about the incredibly useful Just Not Sorry extension. Here is an excerpt from my piece:

<“In 2016, I will be a more effective communicator. I will only use ‘sorry’ in emails when I mean it. I will not say ‘I think’ things that I know. I will be more conscious of my tone and its impact.”

This is the pledge the team at Cyrus Innovation, a software development company, shares with users as they learn about the Google plugin Just Not Sorry. Available for download, Just Not Sorry underlines qualifying words that can undermine the message in an email.

What sparked this call to action?

Cyrus Innovation Chief Product Officer (and friend of mine) Tami Reiss was at brunch with other fabulous people discussing their frustrations with their own use of qualifying speech.

As Reiss notes in her Medium post introducing the platform, “Qualifying speech minimizes others confidence in [your] ideas. Whether you’re persuading an investor to provide funding, announcing a change in direction to your colleagues, or promoting your services to a client, you are building their confidence in you.”

Although Just Not Sorry was the product of a conversation between women, Reiss notes that the response has been positive across the board. “We were overwhelmingly surprised by the awesome response from both women and men," she said.>

Read the full story on Slant.

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