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ESSENCE Shares Boss Beauty Tips

Essence Magazine shared an online feature on 12 women in business and their beauty philosophies and routines. The Jacqueline Laurean Yates piece includes highlights women from different industries who are all making impact in different ways. The tips shared range from interview success tips to what are good items to keep in your purse or desk. Angelina Darrisaw is proud to be among the "bosses" featured.

Jacqueline shares this about Angelina:

<From boardrooms to brunch meetings, it’s fascinating how unbelievably on point she keeps her look together. She’s held senior positions at Viacom as well as ESPN and always embodies the characteristics of “brains and beauty!” No wonder she’s an ambassador for brands such as My Black is Beautiful and Pantene.

How She Keeps it Pretty… “Hair serum, deodorant, a lint brush, shout wipes, a sample size perfume, and a small makeup bag of essentials. I used to compete in pageants and before we’d go on stage, there could be as many as 50 girls wrestling for space in a dressing room smaller than a NY studio. I couldn’t bring big bags in there and it taught me how to pare down to the necessities.

Beauty Secret to Success: “Do showcase your personality in your makeup and overall presentation, but stay away from being too distracting. Look natural and like yourself. An interview is a time to highlight your experiences and not your contour capabilities.”>

Read the full article here.

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