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Case of the Mondays? Getting Over the Post-Weekend Slump

It's Monday!! If you love your job that can be great news. Maintain that energy and have a great week working through your goals.

If work has been challenging lately, getting started today can be difficult. I've had clients who are very unhappy with their jobs describe feeling anxiety, nausea, and stress just from even thinking about going to work. The descriptions they'd share about how they felt on Sunday nights sounded comparable to funeral preparations. That sort of stress can take a toll on physical health, as well as your motivation in other areas of your life.

If you are having a rough start to the day, take five minutes to think about a goal you have for the next three months. If you could have your way and nothing was holding you back, where would you like to see yourself on July 18, 2016?

After you identify that goal, think about how the work you are doing today can help you achieve that goal. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you reframe your current situation:

  • Can I use this role to grow a new transferable skill to help prepare me for my next step?

  • Can I use this as a means to financial freedom, perhaps cut down some of my debts or save for something I really want that is a part of my goal?

  • Can I network in this position and meet the right people that can help me achieve my next goal?

  • Can I leverage any employee benefits (e.g. tuition reimbursement, gym discounts, etc) that can help me achieve a goal I have for myself?

If you are still feeling in a rut, think about other ways where you can grow. Take a look at the role you are currently in. Who was in the role before you and what was their trajectory? If you notice that people who have had your role or are in similar roles are not growing, that may be an indicator that there is not a lot of opportunity for growth. Be proactive in this case.

Have you had an honest conversation with your manager about your expectations? If you're still feeling stuck, identify ways you can grow new skills in your current role. Can you take on additional projects? Can you volunteer for a company resource group? If your company offers internal trainings, utilize those resources. You can add to your resume in your current position and make yourself a more valuable candidate for your next role.

Even if you are feeling stagnant, maintain a positive attitude and find ways to grow in the current seat you are sitting in. There is a value in the work you are doing today. The clearer you are on your short term goals, the easier it will be to identify what that value is and how it's helping you achieve your goal. Keep pushing!

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