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Cedarmore Corporation's GirlzTalk Draws 400+ Girls!

Angelina Darrisaw was invited to present at Cedarmore's Girlz Talk's 2016 event that took place at Hofstra University on Saturday, April 30, 2016!

The organization describes the event as "a day of critical, culturally relevant conversations through interactive workshops, dynamic keynotes and other creative executions designed to educate and empower young ladies from diverse communities, ages 12-18+."

The event, which hosted over 400 girls from across Long Island and NYC, was sold out and packed with positive energy. Cedarmore Corporation says this of their annual event: "Girlz Talk seeks to narrow the information gap that exists in many of their lives by addressing the most pressing issues that girls face as they continue to grow and develop."

Angelina was joined by dynamic speakers, like Power 105.1's morning show personality Angela Yee, fashionista and lifestyle host, Tai Beauchamp, and organizations like Black Girls Smile. She led a workshop on personal branding and defining a personal mission statement. Attendees discussed elements of their favorite brands, learned what a brand is comprised of and did some digging and self-exploration to think about how they would present their personal brand. Branding on digital media and the importance of raising the question "does this align with my personal brand?" before posting on social media was also discussed.

The 8 hour long day was full of energizing content, including, education and financial readiness, college preparedness, self esteem, and goal setting. Volunteers from various graduate sorority chapters also made their presence known. Having spaces and activities to discuss issues that affect girls with an audience of only girls and led by women is important and critical for girl's development.

Cedarmore will also be hosting a boys' event this spring, also at Hofstra University on June 18, 2016 called "Boyz N 2 Men."

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