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Angelina to Discuss Salary Negotiation for The Memo

Minda Harts recently founded The Memo to provide resources for more women to gain the skills they need for professional development. She explains, "Women all over the world have aspirations to achieve professional goals, but often they don’t have access to the right network or resources to help them achieve those goals. The Memo came to life because we all have something to give and together we can break the glass ceiling. Never be embarrassed to want more for yourself! I hope The Memo will contribute to our society by beginning to create a culture where more women will help each other succeed.”

In a series of kick-off events in both DC and NYC through June, women will come together as a community to focus on their professional growth. They will get access to panels of women experts, keynotes from industry leaders and other tools in the half-day bootcamps. Angelina Darrisaw is thrilled to join the Salary Negotiation Panels in NYC on June 18 and June 25.

Get your tickets here.

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