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Grow, Lead, Inspire Brings Angelina to Kentucky

Grow Lead Inspire (GLI) is bringing Angelina Darrisaw to Louisville, KY for it's inaugural leadership conference. GLI was founded by native Kentuckian Braea Tilford. Braea saw the lack of opportunities for girls empowerment in her hometown and got busy on a plan of action to bring programming that would make a difference to young girls in her state.

As shared on the site "GLI promotes self-love, leadership, education and well-being for teenage girls around the state of Kentucky. Braea and her team aspire to inspire girls to become all that she dreams of being through workshops, community outreach, and hands-on attention from credible women in fields they are most interested in."

The conference will offer a mix of keynotes, workshops and will also pair each attendee with a mentor that will help the participants prepare for successful academic and career journeys. As GLI notes "All in all, this annual conference promises growth, leadership influence, and inspiration for all." Angelina is thrilled to deliver the keynote address and Join Braea in GLI on their mission to inspire young women.

To register or request more information, visit GLI's site here.

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