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Workshopping A Job Application To Land An Interview

I recently chatted with Bustle about tactics for helping advance a job application to the interview round. I shared feedback on applying for multiple roles within the same company at the same time and how to articulate your personality in your application. I share:

  • "Depending on the size of the company, the same HR team may be reviewing many, if not all of the applications. If you apply to several roles, you might think you are showing that you just want to get in, but it can read to an HR person that you don't know what you want or where you best add value. This can hurt your chances of ever getting an interview."

  • "Research the company culture and values. How can you articulate in your cover letter and resume that you would be a good fit? It may take some rearranging. Look at it as an opportunity to communicate why you. It's ok to be a bit personal and show your interests and passions. Don't overthink it or be overly formal in the approach."

Read the other helpful career expert tips in Marlen Komar's article here.


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