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  • Angelina Darrisaw

Lisa Price Shares Her Story With Local Entrepreneurs

OurBomDotCom, a black owned marketplace, partnered with Angelina and the Google Digital Coaches program to host Lisa Price for a special event for beauty business owners.

“The words you use to define yourself can change your trajectory” Lisa Price shared last night, inspiring the 100+ business owners in attendance to change how they talk about themselves. She discussed her challenges, her growth and lessons she's learned along the way.

After she spoke, Angelina led a workshop, in which business owners were challenged to rethink their approach to marketing and embrace tactics like Ad Words to attract new customers and ultimately scale.

This event was one of many Angelina hosts each month, both in the community, and at the Google headquarters, to support local business owners. You can sign up for one of the free events here.

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