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Oscar Workshop: Health Care and Benefits for Small Business Owners

On Thursday, August 16th, Angelina Darrisaw joined Oscar Health to host a workshop for small business owners looking to retain their employees. The workshop focused on the resources needed to provide employees with affordable healthcare and how this benefit works to the advantage of small business.

Oscar Health care prides itself on creating and maintaining an easily understandable approach to providing knowledge about health care to small business's for their employees. Providing health insurance to your employees in the past has not been an easy feat and in the beginning is usually comprised of lots of paperwork, data and confusion. Oscar takes a different approach by putting all you need to know in easy and coherent language, treating you more like a partner than a client.

Why even provide health insurance to your employees? There is incredible value in providing those that work for you with a structured health insurance plan. By providing this service you fulfill an employees needs and give them a better incentive to choose to work for you, as well as have a better likelihood of retaining your valued employees by satisfying a need we all have.

By providing health insurance, small business owners gain the ability to compete with bigger businesses, and also are offered perks financially, so as tax benefits. During this workshop, Angelina went through and discussed in detail the different types of plans Oscar provides. Some of the main topics of conversation revolved around HMO's, EPO's, POS's and PPO's. She also went over a basic understanding of other insurance lingo such as premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket and out-of-pocket max, because lets face it, no matter how simple it sounds health insurance jargon always throws you for a loop!

Another unique aspect of Oscar is that they provide Doctor on Call, this means you no longer even have to go waste a whole day going to the doctor to be diagnosed! If you are having any type of medical issue you can simply open the app and put in a request to speak with a doctor. Within ten minutes of your request your doctor will video call you back and be able to discuss you or your child medical issue and phone in a prescription to your nearest pharmacy! Better yet, you will always have a specific network of professionals that will work with you so that they know your medical history. If the doctor cannot diagnose you over the phone he or she can provide you a list of medical professional within your area you can go in and see in person that day! Oscar Gives you a personalized and caring approach to your health because they genuinely care about your welfare, if you are interested in learning more about who they are and what they have to offer you can click here.

Angelina will be holding her next workshop for small business owners on Tuesday August 21st, if you would like to register to attend simply click here.

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