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Google Digital Coaches Program: Angelina's Final NYC Workshop!

On Thursday August 23rd, Angelina held her last workshop as the New York City coach of C-Suite Coaching! After having a good group cry, Angelina introduced the new New York coach, Francilia Wilkins. This workshop focused on creating a search friendly website using Google tools. Being online in todays age is critical to run a successful business. In fact, being online helps businesses grow 40% faster and make them 2x more likely to create jobs.

(Francilia Wilkins)

Customers expect a website when they are considering whether or not to give you their business. Angelina discussed in detail how to make your website deliver value to yourself and your target audience. The goal of your website should be to bring in income and make it as easy as possible for your customer to navigate the site. Making your website easy to navigate is crucial to its success because 9 out of 10 people say that if they had a complicated experience using a website they would not return for a second time.

Ask yourself what kind of audience you are trying to attract. Do your customers get what they are looking for as easily and quickly as possible when using your site? It is so important to put yourself in your clients shoes to figure out their needs and wants. Being accessible on a mobile device is also a essential if you want your business to reach its full potential. Being able to access your products on the go is extremely useful, as is having a mass web presence!

Other points touched upon during this workshop were web architecture, innovation and functionality. Your website should service a purpose and strive to meet a goal. Clients should have a pleasant experience when using your site so that they go from page to page until they complete the goal you set for the website, generating revenue! A successful expeience then leads them to come back to your site when they are in need of a product and reccomend the product to others.

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