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  • Angelina Darrisaw

MIMConnect x Google Digital Coaches

On Thursday September 20th, Google Digital coaches partnered with MIMconnect to bridge the digital divide. Minorities in Media Connect (Mimconnect) is a platform that connects mid to senior level professional and freelancers of color with progressive-thinking companies that value authenticity, visibility and career advancement for their employees.

Francilia WIlkins spoke on the importance of being a small business and being easily accessible on various online platforms. On average, 65% of SMB's don't use online marketing or advertising because they feel it is either too complicated to do so or that they do not have enough time. Google wanted to change this, so they developed free and easy tools to help expedite the process.

Businesses that apply their services online grow 40x faster than those that are not found online. Think about it, what is the first thing you do when you're considering giving your own business to a restaurant, daycare or any other service? You Google it! So your business is no exception, you need a strong and reliable online presence to ensure your customers that they are making the right decision by doing business with you. Web faces, just like first impressions, are crucial. Knowing your audience and what their needs and wants are are very important as well, Google knows how overwhelming the digital aspect of this can be which is why they have implemented a wide range of free and easy to use tools to help small business owners. If you would like to attend an event in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Detroit, LA, Miami, NYC, or DC to learn more about what the Google Digital Coaches have to offer please visit Accelerate with Google to see what upcoming events they will be hosting.

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