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  • Angelina Darrisaw

Veterans Entrepreneurship Training (VET)

On the cold night of January 30th, Angelina traveled to Industry City, Brooklyn to speak to a group of incredible veterans at the NYU Veterans Future Lab. The purpose of her visit was to speak to these veterans about the benefits of working with a career coach in order to advance their small business and personal lives.

After World War II and the Korean War, 40% of the troops that returned home started their own small businesses. Based on a study from Syracuse University, only 4.5% of the more than 3.6 million men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces since September 11th have started their own business. NYU Tandon Future Labs seeks to raise that figure through the Veterans Entrepreneurship Training (VET). In order to accomplish this goal, they sought out the leading source of knowledge and guidance for small business success, C-Suite Coach.

On this night, Angelina spoke at length with these veterans about her own journey of having a career coach early on in her career and how that decision changed her entire life course. She encouraged them to take the time to participate in a program such as this because of its ability to improve their lives on a professional and personal level. These veterans have dedicated their lives to the protection and betterment of others. Now that they are home, we want to return the favor and take care of them as well as they have taken of us.

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