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C-Suite Coach Cards That Reflect Black Women

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

For anyone who knows Angelina personally, they know that she is a huge believer in stationery and the arts. She knows a handwritten note adds a personal touch and really goes a long way.

Whether it be a "thank you", a "congratulations" or a "just because", we believe there is always a reason to send someone a card! Because of our belief, C-Suite Coach has teamed up with Debra Cartwright to create our very own line of stationery! Each card is blank inside leaving you plenty of room to write your own special message.

Each card is $7.00 and all four cards are available for $25.00!

Available for $7.00

A card featuring Black women raising a toast. The card says "Get it Girl"
Get it Girl

Available for $7.00

Available for $7.00

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