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  • Angelina Darrisaw

The National Coach Hits Miami!

On Saturday April 20th, the National Coach for the Digital Coaches Program, Angelina Darrisaw, took to Miami to support the Miami Coach, Vicente Pimienta. The day consisted of two back to back workshops that discussed how to get found online and why being accessible to your community, and the world, is so important.

Technology is your friend that will never go away, but in the best way possible! The tools that Google provides are here to make the customer experience as seamless as possible. As a small business owners you care about the integrity of your products, however your customers will not be able to see that if you have a website that is difficult to navigate, or worse, no website at all. This is what your Digital Coaches are here for, to help walk you through the necessary steps to make your website as perfect as possible.

During this workshop, Vicente discussed just that! Your Miami Digital Coach has 20+ experience working in the tech industry and is passionate about elevating your business, so much so that he even gave away discount codes for Google Ad's. Google Ad's helps your business to be the first thing a customer would see if they are looking for the services or goods that your business provides, this tool helps you to have more visibility and put your business on the map. There are workshops occurring on a constant basis all over the nation, so come and register to join us in one of our 8 cities at Accelerate with Google.

We would also like to give a warm thank you to Janie Flores for hosting us on 880TheBiz, a Bloomberg news affiliate. During this one hour segment, Janie discussed the Google Digital Coaches program to provide her thousands of listeners with an in-depth analysis of the programs purpose.

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