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Madame Noire features career advice from Angelina Darrisaw on the value of a maintaining relationships when resigning from a role.

Here are some snippets featuring Darrisaw:

< Time permitting, try to schedule time to spend with your colleagues. “As your exit date becomes public, schedule coffees and lunches with people you’ve worked with. Have an agenda in your mind for each meeting. Do you need anything from them for your next step? Can you offer them anything? Be sure to highlight your accomplishments at the company,” career coach Angelina Darrisaw shares with us.

Don’t complain about the company and be as positive as you can about the situation, even if you can’t wait to leave. “People talk across companies and industries and you don’t want to stain the hard work you’ve done with a messy exit,” adds Darrisaw. “Industries tend to be pretty incestuous with sharing talent and even if you feel you’ll never work in that industry again, you may end up wanting to later. How you leave your company can affect your ability to come back to the same company or work with some of the same people if you later want to.” >

Read the entire article by Ann Brown here.

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