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Angelina Joins Complex Hustle, Jopwell and Her Agenda to Talk "Hustle" for 2017

Complex Hustle, a division of Complex Media, is a lifestyle platform that delivers daily tips, tools and insight for entrepreneurs navigating the new economy. Their mission is to empower creators and entrepreneurs to design the careers they want. Angelina Darrisaw joined Complex Hustle to have a Facebook live chat about how to get your hustle on for 2017. Porter Braswell, founder of Jopwell, and Rhonesha Byng, Founder of Her Agenda, sat on the panel hosted by Kameron Mack of Complex. Porter and Rhonesha have been listed as 30 under 30 for various publications, like Forbes and Inc, so it was a room full of founders who are well-versed in how to hustle.

Check out the dynamic conversation below.

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