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TIAA Young Professionals Host Angelina Darrisaw For Business Value Workshop

On Tuesday, April 25th, Angelina joined TIAA at the Charlotte, North Carolina headquarters. She was asked to share her professional development story, as well as tactical strategies for working professionals to demonstrate their value to the business on their teams. Nearly 600 employees joined the presentation both in-person in Charlotte and virtually across Dallas, Denver, NJ, and NY.

Angelina led an hour presentation which kicked off with some of her personal story of resilience and branding in her career. She followed with tactical advice for creating a branding strategy for the audience, and gave them homework (action steps and worksheets to nudge them along). The presentation was followed by a question and answer session hosted by Lindsey Niebur. Audience members from across the country shared their questions about standing out at work, navigating their careers and branding themselves internally.

Young professional leader Eric Poe closed the program and remarked, " Sometimes when we get speakers I try to box them in and guess if they will be inspirational or give me strategies I can actually use. Angelina, you gave us both."

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