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Women's Leadership Symposium At Wake Forest University

Angelina Darrisaw heads back to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to join the Women’s Center and the Office of Student Engagement as they present the Women’s Leadership Symposium.

The event is described as "an afternoon of interactive workshops, panels, and skill-building activities to develop participants’ leadership toolkit for Wake Forest and beyond. Our sessions, featuring Wake Forest alumnae as instructors and panelists, provide a range of offerings that explore the challenges and opportunities for women leaders. Participants will deepen their self-awareness, confidence, exposure to different leadership styles, and sense of support for women in leadership — all while expanding their alumni network. The Women’s Leadership Symposium welcomes undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and staff and faculty. The day includes a lunch and keynote address."

Angelina will present on the topic of business storytelling. It is critical that women articulate the value that they bring to their work in every professional interaction. Being able to tell the story of your results and contribution is a gamechanger for your career.

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