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Angela Yee Discusses Her Entrepreneurship Journey

Most New Yorkers know Angela Yee as the radio personality they wake up to on Power 105 FM each day. Few knew that she also owns a booming business in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn that aims to promote wealth building practices as well as better health habits for local residents. Her juice bar, Juices For Life BK, on 277 Malcolm X Boulevard, not only serves healthy juices, smoothies and snacks, but also hosts monthly events to get local community members excited about their financial picture.

Anegla Yee
Angelina Darrisaw

Angela shared her story, served her juices on site, and stayed for an interactive workshop hosted by Angelina. Googlers volunteered to help business owners in small group sessions following the workshop and presentations.

Angelina Darrisaw

Angelina Darrisaw
Angelina Darrisaw

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