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  • Angelina Darrisaw

NYU Stern Invites Angelina Darrisaw To Women's Week

NYU Stern School of Business hosted a series of developmental events to support women for Women's Week. On April 4th, they enlisted Angelina Darrisaw to lead a workshop enitled "Your Role as a Strategic Business Partner: Branding Yourself Internally and Externally". The workshop challenged participants to consider how they are demonstrating value to senior leadership, and also offered tactics for networking within organizations, selling ideas and nailing "presence".

Attendees shared concerns over maintaining authenticity and humility when branding and wanted to figure out how to make a pivot. These topics were addressed using the framework developed for the Playing At The MVP Level workbook, which is a powerful tool for developing a strategic brand that promotes opportunity.

The two-hour workshop featured interactive activities, group discussion and helpful takeaways shared from the active participants, hungry to develop a more strategic brand.

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