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  • Angelina Darrisaw

Sistas in Sales Panel

On Thursday September 27th, Angelina joined Sistas in Sales for a panel called INSIST ON YOUR EXCELLENCE alongside: Alicia Simmons (SHRM-CP, LinkedIn), Frances Melegrito (Diversity & Inclusion, Yelp), Rose-Anne Tifre (Account Director, Pandora) and Rylie Carpenter (Senior Recruiter, Russel Tobin). This panel discussion was a career experience event where the Sistas in Sales community welcomed new women of color that are excelling in sales and business to network with companies that are looking to hire and meet women of color with a sales background.

In this panel each of these fierce women discussed different tactics on how to achieve your goals of getting a potential job, network with other individuals outside of your scope and exude your confidence, while being humble of course! One of the hardest parts of finding a new line of work is seeing what fits and figuring out how to sell yourself. A very important element to keep in mind when on your job search is to reach out to any contacts you may have and to throw your hat in the ring for things you normally never would. How else are you supposed to find out what you're good at, right?

Before going into any job interview you should always research and understand the culture of the company you are trying to work for. Once you've been brought on board and have spent time working long and hard, there are some important aspects to keep in mind when attempting to transfer from a midlevel position to a senior level one. Networking is extremely important in furthering you career because it opens you up to a new spectrum of people and opportunities you would not know about if you only interacted with one or two coworkers. Keeping a positive attitude when you don't get the outcome you expect is highly important as well, even though you may not have gotten the response you were hoping for always keep on a positive demeanor because you never know what opportunities that person may have for you in the future.

Being able to remove emotions from work situations is a difficult undertaking, but a necessary one. There will always be bad days, but never forget your purpose! Find a community of people you can be interdependent with on the bad days and the good ones too.

You can watch the entire panel below.

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