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Angelina Visits Kingsborough Community College!

On Thursday November 29th, Angelina made her way to the Kingsborough Community College to present to a group of diverse students wishing to expand their knowledge on how to succeed in the professional world after university comes to an end.

She began with a personal tribute to the person who had inspired her to "claim her seat at the table", her mother. Angelina comes from four generations of strong single mothers, this gave her the strength of character to become the advocate for equal opportunity she is today.

This group of students ranged from first year students to parents seeking to obtain their degrees after years in the workplace. Angelina gave them the instructions on how to avoid a stagnant position in the workplace life by recognizing their value and brining that confidence to any & all professional encounters. Not all individuals paths are the same, but knowing your worth is a sure fire ingredient to advancing your life's success.

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