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  • Angelina Darrisaw

Brooklyn to White Plains in a Day, Teaching SmallBiz

On the morning of Thursday, January 24th, Angelina paid a visit to her hometown planet of Brooklyn, New York, to visit Saint Josephs College. She arrived to meet a group of eager business owners with hopes of learning more about how to advance their small businesses and scale.

Angelina spoke about the free tools Google provides to help small businesses reach new customers, such as Google My Business, Google Trends and Google Analytics. The products that Google offers helps businesses become more accessible to their surrounding community and enhance their discoverability through online platforms.

But her journey did not stop there! That same evening, Angelina traveled all the way to White Plains to present these Google tools to a small business owner audience at the White Plains Public Library. They too learned about all the free tools Google has to offer hard working small business owners.

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