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Angelina Talks Executive Coaching with the Iconic Janice Bryant Howroyd

Have you ever thought about who is on your dream list of people to have a conversation with? For Angelina, one woman has topped that list for many years. That woman is Founder & CEO of The ActOne Group, Janice Bryant Howroyd. The ActOne Group is the largest privately held, minority-woman-owned personnel company founded in the U.S.

Ms. Howroyd is also an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and author. She is also the first African-American woman to build and own a billion dollar company. Angelina had to both pinch herself and boss up when asked to join Ms. Howroyd's podcast "Ask JBH." In this intimate conversation, the two business owners discuss executive coaching, what makes a good leader, building self-esteem, managing traumas, and Angelina's vision for C-Suite Coach.


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