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Executive Coaching Is For Everyone, on Black Enterprise

In the world of corporate leadership, personal growth and impactful leadership often go hand in hand. Angelina Darrisaw, founder of C-Suite Coach, an executive coaching and leadership training business, has built her business around this tenet and is on a mission to make leadership coaching accessible to all. She joined Ramon Ray's show, The Rundown, hosted by Black Enterprise to share her entrepreneurial journey, insights, and the impact of coaching on individuals and organizations.

Here is an excerpt from Ramon Ray's article about the podcast:

"While executive coaching is commonly associated with top executives, Darrisaw emphasizes that C-Suite coaching is ideal for individuals at all levels of an organization. Furthermore, even though C-Suite Coach works with big companies like Google, Wayfair, and Salesforce, coaching isn’t reserved only for large, corporate entities. It benefits everyone from C-suite executives to entrepreneurs — and everyone in between."

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