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Urban League of Southern CT Hosts Women's Empowerment Summit

The Urban League of Southern Connecticut hosted the 2015 Women's Empowerment Summit today at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel. Several hundred women attended to get varied insight on topics like sponsors vs. mentors, gender equality in the workplace, entrepreneurship, and networking like a pro.

Angelina Darrisaw spoke with several other millennial women leaders and managers on professional challenges and opportunities for the largest generation in the workforce. Cynthia Mullins and Jane Hughes of JMW Consultants moderated the panel and opened the conversation by laying out stereotypes versus facts about millennial work habits. Despite media portrayal as privileged and entitled, Cynthia and Jane shared this generation is one of ambition that is motivated by contributing to social good.

Panelists reflected on their own experiences as working millennials and learnings from managing millennials. Some observed that younger and older millennials have different work habits. It was also noted that millennials are motivated by being included and that effective leadership should leverage millennial input to grow the bottom line and also to retain their younger talent.

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