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From Digital Business Development to Executive Coaching CEO

Keith Hernandez, host of The Changeup, talks to founder and CEO of executive coaching business, C-Suite Coach, Angelina Darrisaw in the latest episode. The Changeup sits down with leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to learn about doing a big career switch from being a high-rising employee at a larger company to starting your own thing. It's about the excitement of taking risks, following your passion, and building something new.

In this episode, she discusses how she has scaled her business to include 40-plus coaches and works with partners like Google, Major League Baseball, and Wayfair.

She shares the adjustments needed to go from being a solo coach to being CEO of a thriving business, how our early experiences in the corporate world, what her vision is for C-Suite Coach, and why everyone should have a board of directors for their career.

Listen to a snippet below and catch the full podcast here.

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