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Madame Noire on Being a Team Player

Angelina Darrisaw spoke with Madame Noire about how to be a team player, even in an isolating work environment. Angelina recommends employees do their part to make sure they are inviting collaboration.

“Release the frustration of being misunderstood and come up with a plan. Take stock of your body language and facial expressions. This may be an area to seek feedback from a mentor or coach. Can you be more inviting with your hand gestures? Are you smiling enough? What does your face look like when you are delivering information? How do you look when receiving feedback? Work with your coach and mentor on some small changes that will still feel authentic to your mode of communication.” Angelina shares.

She also suggests employees get proactive about joining the conversation. “Contribute your thoughts. Your team needs to hear your voice in meetings,” Darrisaw explained. “What is your perspective on the direction of different projects? What do you think the team should prioritize? What’s an appropriate timeline for upcoming projects? What are some issues that might come up? Your insights to these types of questions help show your team you are invested, paying attention, and on your game.”

Read the full article by Ann Brown here.

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