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"Harlem 2 Haarlem" International Pitch Competition Includes C-Suite Coach

On Tuesday May 31, Haarlem Valley, Netherlands met Silicon Harlem, New York for a pitch competition that highlighted 6 startups from both New York and Netherlands. The effort was to foster a relationship between the two growing startup communities and allowed the 6 companies to get feedback on their products from an esteemed panel of judges from both places. C-Suite Coach was one of the 6 finalists, and one of the 3 New York based companies, selected to compete.

Finalists received a total of 3 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes to receive questions in the Mist Harlem auditorium in front of a packed crowd, in addition to the judge panel. Ramon Ray of Smart Hustle hosted the competition and offered valuable feedback to the presenters as the judges deliberated.

C-Suite Coach was thrilled to finish as a finalist and get more investor feedback!

You can watch the entire competition below.

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