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  • Angelina Darrisaw

C-Suite Coach hits SXSW!

On Monday March 11, Angelina joined SXSW crowds in Austin. Angelina came to help C-Suite Coach manage a full day of events at Google Austin!

The day began with a panel and breakfast to discuss how to serve communities by creating more access to technology. The panel included Amina Cush, Jamira Burley, Maria Rios, Felecia Hatcher, Kimberly Lane Clark and Rhonesha Byng. Each of these women is a leader within their communities and are examples of what will power and dedication to meaningful change can accomplish.

The second event of the day was hosted by Annie Jean- Baptiste and Reena Jana. This event focused around inclusion and respect, values everyone can get behind.

The third event of the day was held by Minda Harts alongside Angelina Darrisaw and Vicky Sepulveda, our National and Austin Coaches. This workshop focused on self-advocacy and #IamRemarkable. Being your own hype-man can feel difficult or uncomfortable, but your accomplishments wont speak for themselves, so you have to get comfortable sharing them!

The #IamRemarkable portion of the workshop focused on training for underrepresented groups on how to take control of how they are perceived and help them to understand their unique contributions. In other words, you are amazing and it's not bragging if it's true!

Our final event for the day was administered by our very own Austin Coach, Vicky Sepulveda! Vicky spoke about Google's Hardware and how it centers around helping small business owners to advance their know how and means in a high tech world.

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